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Target player reveals his or her hand. You choose up to two instant cards from it. That player discards those cards.

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Snapcaster Mage is the best card of all time. How do you deal?

or -- I think both are justifiable.

Somnia, the Evanescent Plane -- A 3-set Block
Set 1 — Somnia
Set 2 — TBD
Set 3 — TBD
Planeswalker's Guide to Somnia

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Build Around This #1 - Sage's Starfish Wish
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I agree with FTK, except depending on how strong you want this to be, and the format it is being printed in, I'd probably remove the 's from it. After all, a lot of the time this'll just be: Look at target player's hand.

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That is a lovely painting of Richard Garfield. It really brings out his feminine side.
Prolly BB.

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This forum can't even ****ing self-destruct properly.


Maybe BR or BU, both U and R don't want people faster than them...
If I was printing it for a commander product I would cost it as B but if I was costing it for standard/limited I would say BB
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