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I really wanted to write a neat little thing here, but the cards sort of speak for themselves, even with the awful flavor text.

Lemons Unknown
Legendary Creature - Kithkin MR
When Lemons Unknown enters the battlefield, search your library for a card named Ivory-Trapped Blade, reveal it, and put it onto the battlefield face down. Then shuffle your library.
Legends tell of an unnamed blacksmith, who made nothing and disappeared without a trace.

Ivory-Trapped Blade
Legendary Artifact - Equipment MR
Morph 7
Ivory-Trapped Blade is indestructible
When Ivory-Trapped Blade is turned face up, attach it to target creature you control.
Equipped creature gets +5/+5 and has vigilance and protection from creatures

Also a bonus to continue with the cheesy flavor:

Kill the cat
Sorcery C
Broadcast B (Whenever the effect of a spell or ability causes you to reveal this card from anywhere, you may cast it for its broadcast cost.)
Each opponent discards a card.
Curiosity is a dangerous poison
Why can the sword be destroyed before its drawn from the stone?

Also why is the sword a 2/2 spider husk thing before someone draws it?
A little bit of courage is the real magic.
Why can my wurm wear boots and a hat.
Why can my wurm wear boots and a hat.

It wears boots as a hat.
A little bit of courage is the real magic.
Also, its supposed to be lemnos, not lemons. But lemons are tasty too.
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