What colors are strong against other colors?

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Say I'm playing someone with a red deck, what would be a decent choice to counter it? Or if I'm using a black deck what color should I avoid? I'm playing Magic 2013 on xbox and want to unlock all the cards then build real life coppies of the ones I like.
That's really hard to tell just by the colors. While the 5 Magic colors lend themselves to certain strategies more than others and have unique effects that the others lack, the three base strategies (aggro, control, combo) can be done in every color. Just knowing the colors of the opposing deck is not enough to tell what strategy the deck follows. For example, a card like Pyroclasm will be quite effective against a weenie aggro strategy (usually done in white and/or red, but also possible in blue, black or green), it will be quite useless against a control strategy that utilizes only a small number of big creatures to win.

So rather than telling us the colors (though that helps, too), tell us what the opposing deck is actually doing during a game.

I started up my next community draft in the limited forums. This time around the format is Zendikar/Worldwake/Rise of the Eldrazi. So if you like to draft, come by and share your thoughts.

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My community draft experiment with DTK/DTK/FRF is concluded now. If you want to, you can check it out and maybe build some decks from the pools. I've already build my own take on that.



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Hmm, good points. I was just hoping for a generalization because I know their are going to be exceptions to the rules and decks.
It's difficult even for generalization.  But if I personally had to choose; white vs black go back and forth.  Red vs Green go back and forth as well as Blue vs. Green.  But like started before, there is so much to each color.  Once you start playing around or watching others play you will pick up on the little nuances of color combat and seeing what that person is using his colors to do.
Makes sense, cool, thanks for the advice!
Here is a general outline (off the top of my head) of what each color does

Black: destroys creatures, returns creatures from the graveyard, tutor effects, card drawing
Blue: counter's spells, bounces permanents, steals permanents, draws cards
Red: burns creatures and opponents, ritual spells which create one shot mana useage, prevents the opponent from blocking, randomness
White: exiles permanents, destroys artifacts and enchantments, pumps creatures, gains life
green: creature pump, destroys fliers, fights their creatures against others, accelerates mana,

All of the colors are pretty well balanced. In vintage (where every card is legal) there is an imbalance where black blue and green have some broken cards but the other colors don't have the same types of combo pieces. The real disparity is that multicolored decks are almost always going to be more powerful than mono colored decks. there are some exceptions but (depending on the format) you're probably going to want a multi colored deck which can have all of the strengths of a color while mitigating the weaknesses.
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philosophically speaking each color has 2 "friends" and 2 "enemies"

the one next to it are its friends, the remaining two are its enemies

take the standard ordering of
so for example has and as friends, and as enemies
an example of this is the artifact hatred of red, while blue and white generally love artifacts

of course, in the current Standard format that is not exactly true, each of the 10 color pairings has a guild, there are the same lands for enemies and friends after GTC completes the guild cycle (usually friends have a better manabase)
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Great info, thanks guys!
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