How does ELO rating works?

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Hi, I'm playing Magic Duels of the Planeswalkers on my iPad and I am currently 752/58351 with 2520 of ELO rating.
Usually I play a match, I am kind of winning so my opponent conceeds and gets replaced by AI. I finish the match and gets like 2 points.

But sometimes, I get no point (around 20% of my matches). This is frustrating. Even this morning, I played 3 matches in a row against the same opponent and won the 3, then I checked my stats and I got no point for these 3 wins. I think the problem is happening when the match ends without my opponent conceeding.

Am I the only one that got this problem? How are the points calculated? Is this normal that I get 0 point sometimes?

Thank you,
The implementation of ELO in this game is broken. To see how it properly works, wiki it and see how it works in chess. When you win and don't gain anything, you were probably playing someone who had a much lower ELO.  
Ok I see, they should show the rating of our opponent before the match starts to let us know if we will win points or not.
I just played against arielbelkin (the first if we remove the hackers) and I won almost 20 points, which is incredibly high for a single match in my case.
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