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I have a player that has taken the Fey Beast Tamer Theme.  He has chosen a young owlbear companion.  He can dispatch the creature to and from the feywild (and if he or it drops to 0 HP, it retreats back to the feywild too)  I will discuss flavor with the player, but to be at least semi-acurate in the depiction, how would you guys say this event happens.  Is there an established lore for companion creatures appearing from and retreating back to the feywild?  Is it a portal?  Can it be mitigated with arcana? I love that this not only gives my player a cool young owlbear, but that they will eventually see that they could possibly learn to follow this owlbear back into the feywild (ritual? skill challenge?)  But I want to see if there are any established mechanics first. 

I don'y have a feywild book, so, forgive me if it is explained there.  But thanks in advance for any ideas!   
Make it look like whatever you want.

I describe my Fey Beast as coming out of a cocoon that grows from nearby plantlife.  Leave it up to what the player thinks is cool.  It is just fluff, so let them have fun with it.
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Heroes of the Feywild doesn't offer any guidance on how Fey Beast Companions retreat to and come back from the Feywild. So as Matyr says its up to you guys to figure a way, be it by portals, planeshift or simply phasing in and out or whatever else you can come up with.

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Disappears in a shower of pixie dust and runs into the nearest tree-trunk?

Tuathan theme also mentions shape-shifting into any normal of fey small animal. Well, I can think of a lot of small normal animals... but small fey ones? not without pulling up the monster builder. Generally, I use a rabbit or cabbit with dumbo-proportioned ears (big enough to fly with or trip over).
Well... We played tonight and since there were no structured processes offered by the books, the player decided that his feywild owlbear stepped through a circle of fireflies that orbited a whirling black swirl. Feel free to swipe...