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Hi, I'm Matt and have been playing dungeons and dragons since I was a 12. I usually act as dungeon master but am looking for a change of a pace. I'm hoping to find an online group that utilizes the Maptool. I'm available weekends and willing to use any other programs such as skype ect. please respond if you have a group and are looking for players.

I am also looking for a 4e maptool group. I have access to skype etc... and have just moved away from my normal group. If you need another player I'm game.
I am as well am looking for a group. I only played a little before, theres not really alot of oppertunity where I live. Just let me know
I am very interested in joining a group, I have never played a game but really want to start! (I have seen a few livestreams of campaigns.) I'd be willing to attempt to DM it, I found a campaign setting we could use assuming people are willing to help me from time to time as well as have patience in putting up with a noob DM.
I'm interested, although I'd be a first time player.
I am interested, also a first time player. But you have to start somewhere.
Always enjoy running with beginners, I may be able to play, but I know im not the best DM out there.
Hey guys, did you get a game going? I could be interested if you are still looking for players, depending on days times etc.