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I dunno how to cost some of this because I am lazyish, or whether or not ill put them on enchants or creatures.

Aven mindcensor reprint

Exile each players hand at eot and return them during upkeep - black

Players declare attackers and blockers in secret. (During the declare attackers step, the active player announces who they will attack, them each of those players will secretly choose which creatures will attack or block if any. Each player then announces which creatures they choose. Only those creatures may attack or block this turn, and each of those creatures must attack or block this turn, if possible.) Damn what a rules headache. - red

Green - something graveyardy, most likely "turn each graveyard facedown blah blah. If a player would search their library they may search their graveyard instead, and some rules to stop reanimation from breaking.)

Blue - if a card would be revealed from your hand, each player draws a card instead.

Purposefully rough wording and stuff because I am wary of such weird concepts. If you didn't get the "cycle" its all about hiding information.
I think the Aven Mindcensor reprint should cost , but that's just me.
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You're so helpful.
For white, return of rebels. Because I love watching my opponent shuffle.
139359831 wrote:
Clever deduction Watson! Maybe you can explain why Supergirl is trying to kill me.
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Damn what a rules headache. - red

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