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This deck is focused on mill, denying my opponent from doing anything, and exiling key pieces of decks, it's not aggressive as you can see by lack of creatures

Artifacts: 4

What i'd like from you guys, is criticism, is this deck even viable? or would it lose to super fast aggro decks? I thought about throwing moat in for aggro, but Qasali Pridemage makes that pointless, maybe maze of ith? or more mass removal

I also realize I have next to no removal for anything that's in play already, I'd like to fit some in

I choose certain cards for certain things, mind funeral for instance is for charbelcher aside from being decent mill if you get lucky

Leyline of the void isn't really a bad thing either for my deck, I'd only pull it out for reanimator and storm, since I want their cards in exile anyway

Trepanation blade, weird card, but it's ability actually fits into my decks main goal, and as a bonus, lets my creatures make a dent in their life, but it may be too slow

Also, card draw might be nice lol, I might have went overkill on the exiling cards, so i could remove a few for some draw
Short answer, this is absolutely not viable.  It's not just that you'd lose to aggro decks, it's that you also lose to control decks.  And non-graveyard based combo.  And mid-rangey decks.  And anything that plays their own counterspells.  And anything that plays Cavern of Souls.  And Wasteland.  And...

Well, you get the point.

Frankly, I don't think you can even begin to salvage this list.  Isochron Scepter is extremely bad.  It dies to a lot of main deck hate (like Abrupt Decay).  Plus, what you get to put on it is often not worth it.  Trepanation Blade isn't playable.  Period.  Nighthawk is not Legacy playable in the slighest.  Angel's Grace is unplayable outside Turbo Fog (which is unplayable).  Hide/Seek is unplayable.  Main deck Surgical effects are basically unplayable outside things like Pox.  Mill cannot be played in any constructed format.  Orim's Chant isn't playable outside some very complicated combo decks (like TES and such).  You only have 19 lands with no utility and no basics.

You lack any way to deal with resolved threats.  Swords to Plowshares is an automatic 4-of.  Detention Sphere probably deserves 2-3 slots.

As for the sideboard, why on earth would you play Leyline (which only does something in your opener) when you can play Rest in Peace?  Sideboard Dazes are terrible.  That's frequently the card you want to sideboard OUT, not IN.  Jace should NEVER BE IN THE SIDEBOARD.  It's the best card printed that you can play as a 4-of in Eternal formats.  He's mainboard, as a 4-of (ok, maybe 3-of) with baby Jace in the board to fight Jace mirrors.  Mind Funeral kills one deck that cannot see play in developed metagames.  There aren't enough artifacts/enchanments to demand having Disenchant as a 4-of.

So that leaves you with Force of Will, Counterspell, Bob and the lands (and Jace, Better Than All) as playable mainboard cards.

If you want to play an Esper Control deck, look at Esper Stoneblade.  It's actually good.  The only really expensive cards (i.e. over $25ish) you're missing would be more Jaces, 1-3 Vendilion Cliques, Thoughtseize (Inquisition of Kozilek works pretty well in it's place) and a Karakas (which you might not need).  For example, here's a "budget" version of Stoneblade:

[deck]1x Sword of Feast and Famine
1x Disenchant
2x Spell Pierce
2x Surgical Extraction
2x Cabal Therapy
2x Perish
1x Supreme Verdict
2x Engineered Plague
2x Engineered Explosives[/deck]
thank you for your honesty, saved me a bunch of time haha

ill scrap this then :P
I'd strongly advise that you don't try to straight up brew for Legacy.  The format is very mature, so if you come up with a "new" idea, it's likely already been tried and discarded.  Instead, focus your efforts on evolving lists.  Look at current and old lists and find ways to update them or put a certain twist on them to make them better against the current metagame.
hey madad, what legacy decks do you play? just curious
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In testing, I play a bit of everything.  I've played Reanimator, Esper Stoneblade, U/W Miracles (Stoneforge and RIP versions), ANT, BUG Midrange, BUG LandStill, Elves, Maverick and Dead Guy Ale in several tournaments.  If the deck has been Tier 1 or 2 in the last year and a half, I've probably played with it or against it in testing.  At the very least, I'll have watched it in action while a friend was playing it.
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