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Hi gang,
I finally got a chance to play Dungeon Command with my good friend doubtofbuddha.  And I must say... Bang up job!  The game works extremely well.

I thoroughly enjoyed the three games I played (once with undead and twice with goblins).  The tension was high, the strategies were deep, and it felt really good to push minis around a battlemap again.

Again... nice job on the game.  I expect I will be mainlining plasticrack once again. 
I agree. I am a HUGE fan of this game. Can't wait for Gruumsh!
Welcome Aboard!  Now if only I could find more locals who have been smitten by DC.  My gaming group only meets 1/mo. and we don't repeat games often enough.
I will be picking this up next paycheck.  I want to see it become something inbetween MTG and Hordes/Warmachine as far as tournament and sanctioned play goes.  Maybe thats a pipedream?  I would have to buy 2 sets one for me and the wife so it's not going to be cheap up front. 

I really do hope this takes off.
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