Dauntless Escort and Rootborn Defenses

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The way Dauntless Escort and Rootborn Defenses work can be very confusing for new players and can feel like a rule-lawyer kind of thing, and rightfully so. Unfortunately, they're not as cool as planeswalkers are, so they don't get emblems. However, maybe there's another way to make the text show it or have the reminder text mention it. Maybe something like:

  •  This turn, Creatures you control and that come under your control are indestructible while you control them.

Additionally, Autumn's Veil and Veilstone Amulet should also be considered.

Honestly, I'm not so fond of this - the text is more complicated, it makes use of a term only seen on Mad Dog and on reminder text for Haste, and not to mention, Rootborn Defenses has limited space due to the need for reminder text (especially since it's a common). Then again, the special ruling that makes a stolen creature destructible () or an instant blocker indestructible is more visible.

I've also been wondering: Why aren't these cards printed to grant an ability in the first place? (creatures you control gain "this creature is indestructible") I guess Dauntless Escort was among the first to do this (along with Elspeth, Knight Errant). But what about Rootborn Defenses? Is it because of limited space limitation? Or maybe they like the text of the effect to stay elegant and short despite its shortcomings? Or maybe they want it to work in that special way?
Make indestructible a keyword ability.
That solves indestructibility, but what about semi-shroud on Autumn's Veil and Veilstone Amulet?

I'm also interested in solutions where indestructibility would retain its functionality and won't become a keyword.
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