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I would like to balence healing and damage output of any form. Here is my current build:
level 6 cleric, level 2 radiant servant of pelor
race: human
str: 13
dex: 11
con: 14
int: 12
wis: 21
cha: 14

hp: 43
ac: 17
fort: 7
ref: 2
will: 10

armor: half plate +2
weapons: longsword

diplomacy, 11
heal, 5
knowledge (religion), 9
sense motive, 6.5
spot, 13

extra turning
spontaneous domains
augmented critical (longsword)
domain focus (sun)

periapt of wisdom +4
cloak of charisma +2
headband of intellect +2

4235 spare gp

Any suggestions?
What books are available, is divine metamagic allowed or not? And what other house rules do you have?

+2 half-plate armor costs 4,750 gp and gives a +9 armor bonus. +1 full plate armor costs 2,650 gp and also gives a +9 armor bonus.

You may find ideas in this thread.

all 3.5e books are allowed, as well as pathfinder. There are no other house rules, at least none that limit the building of this character. The complete devine book looks like it contains some useful information. I will look there, in the meantime, any other suggestions would be very much appreciated.

+2 half-plate armor costs 4,750 gp and gives a +9 armor bonus. +1 full plate armor costs 2,650 gp and also gives a +9 armor bonus.

You may find ideas in this thread.

Most of these iteas are related to maxing healing, and as a radiant servant of pelor, I already get much healing, but I will change the armor. Thank you.
Use pathfinder class stuff in general. Its basically a straight power up for clerics (except you miss out on Divine Metamagic which can be a big deal if you were planning to use it). Try to use spells as written in 3.5 though, unless the spell is pathfinder only. 

pathfinder rant
pathfinder took the best base classes and powered them up. Then nerfed a few of the most offensive spells (not all). So now you are spamming 1 save or die instead of 1 of 4. Then they introduced 3-4 of their own save or dies for every one they nerfed.

Never prepare a cure  X spell. You can spontaneously do that by dropping a prepared spell. So think of it like you just always have them prepped.  

Whatever race you picked, make sure to snag the pathfinder favored class bonus for the first 6 levels at minimum. (more of those PF free stuff for nothing buffs)

Drop augmented critical. Take something else. Preferably something that boosts your casting somehow.  

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What domains do you have?
He would have to have the Healing and Sun Domains, and would be given access to either the Glory or Purification Domains in 3 levels. 
If you want to balance damage and healing at Level 8, I'd suggest replacing Augment Critical for Divine Spell Power. You would be allowed to use both your normal turning attempts AND your greater turning to increase your caster level for damage spells, which would stack with your Domain focus (Sun). That's MY suggestion, but when I played a Radiant Servant, I broke the hell out of it, and focused ENTIRELY on healing. It's amazing how much you can upset the DM when you have  Domain Spontaneity, Extra Turning, A high Charisma (for the number of turning attempts), access to supreme healing, and Cure Mass spells. Their encounters won't do a point of damage xP 
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