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Making some changes.
Dropped the Mirror
Added 1 copy each of Army of the Damned, Sorin's Vengeance & Temporal Extortion.
More than one copy isnt really needed because of the Tutors and the fact that the deck draws cards like mad.

Reliquary Tower x4
Diabolic Tutor x4
Sanguine Bond x4
Dark Ritual x4
Necrologia x4
Yawgmoth's Bargain x1
Sol Ring x1
Star Compass x4
Worn Powerstone x1
Elixir of Immortality x4
Ivory Tower x4
Venser's Journal x4
Army of the Damned x1
Sorin's Vengeance x1
Temporal Extortion x1
Swamp x19

Been wanting to toss the Army of the Damned in a deck for the hell of it and this one seems to be the right one.


1. Mana curve is the opposite of what it should look like - you have 13 spells at 1, and 13 spells at 5, with only 9 spells in between; the majority of your spells should be at the 2-4 range.
2. Only 4 wincons (the Sanguine Bonds), and even then without other cards it doesn't do anything. Panoptic Mirror is capable of being a devastating wincon if you include something like Corrupt, Sorin's Vengeance or Temporal Extortion.
3. You've got a few cards which don't do a whole lot on their own. Ivory Tower only provides life (that is, your opponent can just attack you to stop it entirely), Venser's is the same but at a much more extreme cost. Elixir Of Immortality is card disadvantage, and in this deck I can't see why you'd want to recycle your cards (unless you're *really* worried about your Sanguine Bonds getting nuked).
4. If you can get a hold of them, Coldsteel Heart is arguably strictly better than Star Compass for a monocolor deck, and often better in a multicolor deck (as you can pick a color you desperately need, whereas Star Compass forces you into a color you already have). Minor upgrade, but could help if you mana to get an opening hand with it + 2 Reliquary Tower.

I'd recommend cards to include in order to fix the deck such as wincons, but really, what is your desired method of winning? Lifegain + damage like Sanguine Bond? Or massive advantage via Panoptic Mirror? They're both in mostly different directions. Having said that, if you go the lifegain route Well of Lost Dreams just loves Ivory Tower type cards.
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Thanks for the tips.
As far as the mana curve, its a definitely an issue at times, but this deck is basically a theme deck and I dont want to change it too drastically. It generally takes a few turns to get opened up, but once it does it works really well. If there were some other black cards like Dark Ritual (ie just as good, not watered down versions) or something like the Sol Ring that wasnt restricted it would be a help.

I dont know if I understand why Coldsteel Heart is better than the Star Compass. Both cost (2), both come into play tapped and both give one mana, albeit working a little differently. I have a couple playsets of both so swapping them out wouldnt be hard to do once I dig thru some boxes of cards.

As far as the Ivory Tower and the Vensers Journal those are the heart of the theme of this deck entirely...actually the two cards that inspired the idea for it. Drawing massive amounts of cards, getting life for the cards in my hand while not having to discard, then using the life gained to do something bad to the opponent...although I'd also like to see a card that lets me discard cards to do damage in black. So far I havent seen any. That would be GREAT if there were.

Im definitely open to ways to abuse the hell out of the Panoptic Mirror, but it really is just an afterthought with this particular just tossed it in for a little added flavor for the Tutor.

Absolutely love some of the suggested cards for use with the mirror. I might get a playset of Corrupt and toss a copy in the deck.

As far as the recycling its actually because of a couple things. First being that it keeps me from running myself out of cards and suiciding myself. Another part is that it gets used cards that I'd like to play again...or cards that have been destroyed from the battlefield and I want to get them back out into play. The third reason is just plain annoying the hell out of the opponent. The deck is drawing so many cards after a few turns that unless they remove something from the game they know its no use even destroying something because it'll be right back on the table before a turn or so.

Im sure someone has had to have made this type of deck for casual play...cant believe I'd be the only one wanting to abuse Ivory Tower and Vensors Journal. Just thinking maybe someone that had done a similar deck might have some nasty additions :-)
Made some changes to the deck in the OP.
Somehow I edited it instead of making a new post...

A question....
Blood Celebrant....single use per turn or can I use the ability as many times as I want each turn?

May be used as many times as you can afford it. Thinking of adding a second colour?
May be used as many times as you can afford it. Thinking of adding a second colour?

Possibly splashing something here and there to keep them guessing.
I used to tear my decks down and build all new ones so no one knew what to expect. I stopped doing that a few years ago and now it gets a little 'stale' sometimes, if you know what I mean.

This is killing me.
Ive been wondering what black card this deck could abuse with the TONS of life that I end up with and Im going thru my cards and found a playset of Plague of Vermin. If any card I own is just asking to be abused with this deck is this one, I think. All that life swapped off for tons of rats...
Geez....another great one for the cards in my hand..... Neverending Torment.
Forgot I had bought a couple playsets of it some while back just to have them for a deck idea.
I have no clue how I missed this one...Psychosis Crawler
The first ability is cool...but the second one is perfect with this deck.
Just stumbled across the most beautiful card for this deck.
Sickening Dreams

The weakness of this deck is being slow so that creatures coming out quick can nail life too quick and cripple it before it can open up.
I absolutely trashed a four player game with Sickening Dreams over the weekend. All those damned 1/1 and 2/2 creatures got wasted really early and decimated the offense of those 3 players for the next 3 or 4 turns.

With this deck particularly ending up with 20,30 or 40 cards in your hand at any point having the Sickening Dreams to clear the table or even as a final win condition makes it worth having in the deck.
Also tossed Sickening Dreams in my Reanimator deck where its working great.
If you're tossing in the Blood Celebrant, a singleton Stormbind might do wonders. As will Crypt Ghast be anyways. Otherwise I like it.
Obligatory and Preliminary Smiley Reservoir: IMAGE(
...although I'd also like to see a card that lets me discard cards to do damage in black. So far I havent seen any. That would be GREAT if there were.

I was about to suggest Sickening Dreams, but it seems you found out about it already.
If you want a decent early blocker, Wall of Souls is always fun.
The deck currently.
Definitely seems to win easily enough if it isnt stopped by turn 6 or so.

Yawgmoth's Bargain x1
Necrologia x4
Diabolic Tutor x3

Ivory Tower x4
Venser's Journal x4
Reliquary Tower x4

Psychosis Crawler x4
Sickening Dreams x4
Exsanguinate x4

Sol Ring x1
Mana Vault x1
Dark Ritual x4
Worn Powerstone x4

Elixir of Immortality x2

Swamps x19

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