Bloodied Streets: Murderous Butler and others

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Murderous Butler (R)

Creature – Human Advisor
, : Destroy target creature. Its controller puts a black Mystery enchantment token with “, Sacrifice this Mystery: Destroy target creature named Murderous Butler” onto the battlefield. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery.
“Master Caello was a friend to all. I have no idea of who could have a motive to be rid of him.”

This was originally in Velicta, but I moved it onto Bloodied Streets after reworking the way Mysteries were to function. It attempts to evoke the flavor of a "who did it?" mystery.

Niceli Blackmailer (C)

Creature – Human Detective
When Niceli Blackmailer enters the battlefield, name a card. Target player reveals his or her hand. If the named card is revealed this way, that player discards two cards.

Nemesis of the Meek (R)

Creature – Human Assassin
Intimidate (This creature can’t be blocked except by artifact creatures and/or creatures that share a color with it.)
Nemesis of the Meek can’t attack unless defending player has 7 or less life.

Tomb Defiler (R)

Creature – Human Rogue
Intimidate (This creature can’t be blocked except by artifact creatures and/or creatures that share a color with it.)
When Tomb Defiler dies, return it to the battlefield transformed.
Graverobbers's Plot
Enchantment – Mystery
At the beginning of your upkeep, put an investigation counter on Graverobbers’s Plot, then put up to one target creature card in a graveyard onto the battlefield under your control. Then, if there are three or more investigation counters on Graverobbers’s Plot,  sacrifice it.

Ruthless Enforcer (C)

Creature – Dragon Minion
When Ruthless Enforcer enters the battlefield, sacrifice a creature.
“Why spend all this effort climbing an hierarchy when you can fly to the top?”

Murder (C)

Destroy target creature.
“The one great crime of which all others are but branches.”
—Officer Varl
Haven't you posted these cards before? ô.Ô Creatures with seven points of power should maybe have a different creature type, or you could reword its mechanic to have damaged players lose the game.. Also, "Niceli Blackmailer" sounds very strong against mono-colored decks with many basic lands, then again having to discard two cards and being confronted with a 1/1 doesn't seem to be that much of a problem.. Anyway, I would prefer a three-mana 2/1 creature or 2/2 creature with the same ability!
I had posted an old version of Murderous Butler, when it was in the first set and Mysteries worked differently. Though Niceli Blackmailer could go either way (1B 1/1 or 1BB 2/1). Early game it's probably stronger than Ravenous Rats but later on it might get harder to hit with the detective effect.
Don't your low-mana creatures with the "detective" mechanic have the problem that you'll mainly name basic lands?
Don't your low-mana creatures with the "detective" mechanic have the problem that you'll mainly name basic lands?

For most of them, I'm fine with it. In set 1, what you got from correctly naming wasn't terribly over the curve (a 3/3 for , a Safe Passage with a 1/1 body, Curse of Chains for , Cabal Therapy, a 2/4 Aether Adept for and a counterspell for ), and made up for the fact that late game you would miss more often.
Whether you're going with "cards" or "non-land" cards really depends on whether low-mana creatures with the "detective" mechanic should have a very large or very low chance to activate their abilities, let's just go with the option that's more fun.. Then again, that means that you're rewarded for having complex mana bases!
I'm imagining the butler on the play.  Drop it turn 2, nuke a guy on turn 3, then another on turn 4, and then they have to spend all their turn 4 mana killing it.

I'd reduce the cost to , tops. 

Why does everyone think I'm phantom lancer? QFT:

139359831 wrote:
I hope all this helps you to see things in a greater light—and understand that Magic: the Gathering was really created by extraterrestials using Richard Garfield as a medium. The game itself reflects the socio-psycho realtivity between living beings, and the science that takes precedence over them—to define reality for them all (like telekinesis, weather, scientific reaction, phenomenon, ingenuity, how the brain works, etc.). I'd also bet there is an entity floating thousands of miles above us, looking down on the current state of game, shaking its fist like... "Wtf are you doing?! You're getting it all screwed up!". Awkward—to be evolved, and yet still subject to the ladder that is the concepts of the game. In this case, misconception, corruption, and deception. With the realities of each color becoming distorted (through oblivious designers), leading the game to reflect a false state of reality that warps the understanding that other people have about those things. For example, people thinking that white could be anything except pure good. This shouldn't be too far off though, I mean...Magic is designed based on reality after all, so that entity (those entities) should be subject to those things. Anyways, I guess when you're busy doing space stuff you can't always be around to ensure quality control. It's no wonder they choose Garfield, they're so much alike; that's exactly what happened to him and Magic.
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omg snortng so much febbdelicious /intocixated in rl
Blackmailer seems a bit strong for common, especially with how good it is in multiples or in conjunction with other 'reveal and discard' effects.
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