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My brother gave me a Krenko, Mob Boss for christmas and I played with it a little along side guttersnipes and electormancers and I loved it. What is a good goblin deck built around Krenko?
Tried a goblin deck based on this link. Hope this helps!

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I was browsing through some cards in gatherer and I noticed something really odd - the transforming cards from Innistrad like Mayor of Avabruck have separate comments and ratings for each side. Isn't that totally stupid? It feels as senseless as having two different pages for each side of a split card or having different pages for Nimble Mongoose with and without threshold.

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NON-AGGRO, NON-MONO RED deck (Not getting very far with it though)

Standard mono red deck for FNM next Friday

krenko's commandos, goblin rally, and goblin grenade
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