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   Going to start a druid and need a back story . Realy just thinking how/why my wood elf druid went to the city and how your charaters have made the transaction . Maybe youve played a dark elf , why did he/she leave the under dark . 
    Also need to think of a druid coven if anyone knows of some dnd coven lore . 
    I set my druid up to get out of trouble . Hes not one to just jump into a fight and his anamal form is a baboon.
  Well Ive got a back story now not sure about the fay wild though .
   He is a wild elf druid (beast from of a baboon) that lives in a hiden grass plains in the fay wild that are surounded by mountains . Most of the time he travels these mountain with a baboon troop gaurding the plains from outsiders . His wild elf tribe lives on these plains . His coven is made up of mostly wild elves though there are some druids from other places in the coven that come when there is a garthering . 
    His teachers from his coven think he is losing his self to his beast form so they give a quest to go to the human lands where he will need to stay in elf from more often than not and find a great staff of power (that isnt real or is it)that is key to maintaining balance to thier hiden grass  plains . 
  druid:"I'm serching for a great staff of power that can save my home in the hiden plains."
  Mage:"A staff of power you say.Is it from this home of yours from these hiden plains?"
  druid: "the first rule of the hiden plains is we dont talk about the hiden plains."
  Mage:"You were just talking about it."
  druid:"Youre trying to make me say something ,it wont work."

  what do ya think
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