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tablet of the guilds

when u pay mana to play a creatures abilty. does it count as u played a spell and u can gain life from the tablet?

i suppose not he ?

and when u play a spell and pay lets say 6 mana for it. do u heal 6 points?

Correct. Activating an ability is not the same as casting a spell. Tablet of the Guilds will not trigger when you activate an ability.
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sometimes its preatty difficult to understand what a cards text means ;/  wth is 
( for each of the chosen colours it is) means llol 
Let's say you choose white and blue as your colors. Whenever you cast a spell, ask "Is this spell white?" and "Is this spell blue?" For each time you said yes, gain 1 life.

These spells would gain you 1 life:
Palisade Giant
Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius
Coursers' Accord

These spells would gain you 2 life:
Isperia, Supreme Judge
Dromar, the Banisher
Child of Alara
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if you choose red and black and cast Rakdos's Return you will get 2 life
if you cast Lightning Bolt or Bump in the Night you only get 1 life
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thanx alot . i would never figure it out with guessing :D
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