Savage, MN new player looking for group. 3.5 or 4.0

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Brand new player looking to get into D&D. I'm looking for a group in the southern Twin Cities area, but I'm willing to drive up to Minneapolis or St. Paul if need be.

Let me know if you have an open spot!

EDIT: One quick thing I forgot to mention, due to my current work schedule, I can only meet Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night. 
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January once the new college semester starts I am going to start looking into forming a group playing 4th edition (or possibly DND Next.) No current set day/time of week or location yet.

Also I could be DMing for dnd encounters in Burnsville if the stars align with that, that is wednesdays though so it might not work for you.

If I remember, I'll send you a messege when the time comes closer, for my own group I want to make sure we get some people that really get along well and have scheduels that mesh well for weekly play.
Well I'm (hopefully) getting a promotion soon that'll put me on days and will free up my schedule big time. That move wouldn't be happening til the end of January at the earliest though.

No worry about me getting along with people. I'm pretty laid back and people have to do some really stupid stuff for me not to get along with them

And full disclosure, I'm going to be out of town the last weekend in January if that will impact things. 
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Just so you know, I believe the stars have aligned on dnd encounters wednesday nights starting feb 6th at legion games.

Being gone the last weekend isn't a big deal, I'll send you a message asking some sort of pre-interview questions for my personal group in a week or two that you can answer if you're still interested at that time.