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my idea for one of my favorite decks in standard.  first things first. i dont have the steamve vents, clifftop retreat and sulfar falls yet to make it splashed for red so dont suggest it.





2 Artifacts


1 erase or 1 essence scatter which one?

2 misthollow griffin or -1 for something else? not sure how relevant this card will be at my fnm's.

i feel like i might want a 2nd jace but i have so much in side against control decks. i feel like i need more against aggro. the misthollow griffins are kind of just for fun. im trying them out against the mirror match if they side in rest in peace along with myself or agaisnt selysna aggro when they side in rest in peace. or anyone else that can sie in rest in peace or tormods crypt. in theory terminus and azorius charm are the only things that deal with a misthallow griffon as long as a rest in peace is active. so i would have to watch for those.

what cards would u replace for aggro match ups? purify the grave does well against zombies and reanimator. i think though that purify is better in flash decks that splash red so that they can burn a zombie and then purify it. i have to block it and it dies or i have to supreme verdict it. so i have less ways to get it into the yard.
i have played b/r zombies 3 times since ive gone. and 1 red deck wins and and 1 u/w aggro , and 1 junk aggro listing. i would like better sideboard options for these. i have in the past used terminus and feeling of dread

if i get crap for ghost quarter i will delete your comment. i run it beacause i hate gavony township and cavern of souls. and it is a decent way to get rid of those and other trouble utility lands like nephalia drownyard. and i even run 25 to make up the difference. and threw playtesting i like it.

i talk alot. hope u answer my post ;D

I'm not going to give you crap for Ghost Quarter, but can you edit your original posting to get rid of all the extra blank lines? Also, I've never understood the point of having a single card in the Sideboard, but then again, I'm just an intermediate player. I run 2x, 3x, or 4x.

1 ofs is usually for things u arent expecting or dont really need it alsocan give u more versatility in sideboard for the trade of less consistancy. plus since my games go long making those 1ofs still gettable.
also since i dont know what i will defintaly be running in my board. having a bunch od different cards gives me the ability to "playtest" the sideboard cards. and once i figure out my meta-game it slowly becomes 2x's and 3x's and 4x's once i figure out whats not really needed anymore
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