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We will have a one-session game on sunday and I'm looking for an adventure module with ready-made characters with it. It doesn't matter if it is unofficial. I'd really appreciate if you have some recommendation from your early sessions.

Thank you.

(Don't tell me that it doesn't take much time to create characters. My intention is different.)
SOoooo many possible adventures but so few 2e adventures actually had "premade characters" that I can't think of any.  For some stupid reason I want to say the City of Skulls (a Greyhawk jailbreak adventure into the Iuz capital) had suggested characters but that may be the extent of adventures with premade characters that I can easily think of.
Dragonlance DL-1 has the pre-gen stats for the heroes of the lance. PDF versions can easily be found online. These modules however take you through the stories which are Krynn/DL-centric. Might not be the route you'd want to go, especially if your players have read the books. 
Thank you for advices. I think I'll go for the ghost tower but city of skulls is also tempting. They both seem short enough so that I can read all and get ready for tomorrow's game.

As you said, Dragonlance is now all known story, I also thought about it. Wish we could've found those when they first came out.
Well, better than nothing right? Laughing
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Well, players did quite a good job but they thought so long on which magic item to buy with the money given at the beginning. We were 4 players and 1 asked to join later. So we started about 2 hours late, then our only female player got so bored of our harcore chats and combat discussions in the middle of the game and we changed her with one of the viewers. (I can't blame her cause dungeon type of roleplay is not for every player) In the end, they just made it to the first metal door which is not even 1/4 way into the game Smile However we had great time on combat, I also put some additional stuff in empty rooms given on the map, to summarize the game was awesome. Thanks for the advice again. We'll go on the same module this sunday and I hope we'll finish this time.

Note: One of my players thought that it is a spoon about what Neue saw as a banjo Laughing
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the true classic modules with pregens are all 1E. Isle of the Ape stands out. Against the Giants, with its pick of names from obscure Old English words, is another. A lot of the old 1E modules had sample pre-gens at the back.

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