Pauper combo

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So, I have been toying around with an insane idea that sprang to mind, and what do you know, it turned out that it kinda works. So far the deck has been performing fairly ok, although not really had a chance to test it against storm (bad luck on manaless draws and mana-only mulligans), and it does seem to struggle a little against goblin zerg.

Note; still toying around with the amount of lands. The deck can operate and kill off 3 lands, however i am still on the fence if to go with 20 or 21, but any more than 21 seems to just get me mana-flooded. I am also still trying to decide which spells to have in there as i am not entirely satisfied with that part of it at the moment, and have the two creatures as alternate win conditions in case my 2 primary win conditions get blocked.

I did ponder getting some dispel as it allows me to protect my guardians without needing to skip on a drop. The vines and tanglecord are mostly there to stop bigger creatures and to allow me to have a 1-drop that can both stop early fliers, and help get the combo going, although I do wonder if it might be a better idea to put in some arbor elfor the like. torn because it makes the axebane weaker, but also allows me to get him into play on turn 3 while still protecting him from the lightning bolt which seems to be a permanent addition to every deck.

Suggestions? Could also use some help in determining my sideboard, especially against goblins and storm. I have tried sideboarding in electrickery along with some mountains, but seems a little inconsistent, and the 2 dmg sweepers are sadly very expensive for the tempo of the format.
Sadly, fog and the like only stops combat dmg, so no use against storm, and safe passagehas the same problem of requiring me to splash white into the sideboard.