Monthly Gaming Delivery

Hello folks,

Sorry for the long winded question without notice, but who knows where or why ideas come to us.

While having a discussion with friends about how we struggle to keep up with our favousite CCG's, the idea got thrown around about starting a monthly subscription service for the delivery of new products  for our chosen hobbies.

The is not as unusual as it might seem as the monthly mail subscription service is making a comeback with businesses such as and the like bringing a wide array of curated products to our doorsteps. So my question is, would this be something people would be interested in? And if so, which model would be most useful / supported? Some thoughts include :

1) A monthly subscription, perhaps a tiered subscription with a monthly bundle of goodies ( which would represent as discount over retail )

2) A small monthly subscription for which a 'sample box' arrives monthly, perhaps including some singles, miniatures, boosters or board pieces to give a hands on sneak peak and encourage the purchase of the full product. OR

3) A monthly subscription for which, after the conpletion of a questionaire, a monthly box of goodies  arrives which you have the option of keeping anything that takes your fancy and being charged for it, or return anything / everything you don't want.

Or maybe a combination of all three, or maybe you have a better idea? Any and all feedback would be much appreciated as between us as we were discussing it we definately felt there was some potential there.

Thanks so much. Like it.

I love runescape, and I have a very high level of runescape account
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