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Just stumbled across the Nature’s Fervor boon from the July dragon and I noticed that despite having increasing levels, the power of the ability itself remains static.

Does anyone know if this is intended or if it's a design error? 
Its a design flaw and they had no intention to change it when reported

I addressed it to the Rule Update team back in June but only Sea Leg had an errata in UpdateJuly2012.

Dragon 412 

Pg. 02 The Mariner Sea Legs Power can be triggered off of its effect successively in chain until successful and therefore should have a Special line saying ''Special: You can use this power only once per turn'' to limit its use.   

Pg. 05 Unearthed Arcana: Using Ships In Your Campaign is missing the word ''DM'' in the sentence:   ''The determines whether an item is appropriate for a particular kind of ship.'' 

Pg. 03 Channel Divinity: Chauntea and Silvanus's Forest Father's Grasp Power is missing a Target line. 

Pg. 05 Channel Divinity: Chauntea and Silvanus's Nature's Fervor Divine Boon does not scale whatsoever and thus gains nothing from higher levels. The Level 28 boon is identical to the Level 3 one.

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