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So, from running a tournament I grew a love of card battle synopsis.  I'm not the best at writing them, but I love to read them.  
Tonight me, and my partner Highlander played a 2hg game that ran 40+ turns, and went over an hour.  It was my first, and greatest epic 2hg battle.  Every player was good, (60 cards) and gave 100% the whole way..  
I love dotp13, it's an amazing game.  Here's my synopsys, feel free to post your own. 

SkS / GP    VS      MS / CL

We all started slow getting cards out.  They pulled ahead with some timely card draw and a few extra turns, but we're gaining life from a Falkenrath Noble, and a Demigod.  I cast the first Fable of Wolf and Owl, and they responded with day of judgement followed by a Well of lost dreams.  We rebuilt an army, and kill the well with an Acidic SLime, but his hand is already full.  He kills the Fable with a Solemn offering, and Elixers his graveyard back into his library after casting Day of Judgement again.  I bring out momir Vig, Fable, while my partner puts up 2 Bloodgift Demons and an Angel of Alabaster.
They cast Feldvar Soveirgn at 52 life and it's go time.   We press aggro full force 3 turns straight just to keep them steady below 40 life.  On the third turn they cast Moment of Heroism on a 23/23 Ajani pridemate, but I countered it with Draining Welk, which turned out to be un-necessary because my partner drew an unmake next turn.  
By this time we had substantial armies on both sides, with Dominus, Demigods, Sphynx's, and Demons. We had the upper hand, and were about to win when CL draws the Well again, and quickly draws into a Solmn offering, and A Day of Judgement(again).  They counter out early outs with Reverberated Electrolyse, and Steamcore Wierd, but I get my third Fable in play and wer'e competing.    
  This is when They go crazy.  The CL player full exploits the Well/Elixer combo to draw, and play 6+ cards a turn, without running out of library.  He casts Beacon of immortality twice, and they were at 2250 life, as we stalled them until MS finally ran out of cards.

CL / MS is an impressive deck combo, that I hadn't seen exploited properly until tonight.  If they had just had some form of trample or Evasion, they would have creamed us easily.  I think they cast Day of Judgement 4 times during the battle (Once more near the end), but we bounced back quick with the Fables.  The best game of magic in recent memory for sure!

Please feel free to post your own epic 2hg battles!
We used to use CL and CW for the same reason, stall forever. But CW gas a better end game than MS. I think a lot of people stopped playing CL after the serra rule change. But it is actually a pretty good 2hg deck
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