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  If I have Elgaud on the battlefield soulbonded with another creature it is hexproof.  My opponent played Detention Sphere and exiled all Elgauds...mine is safe on the battlefield becuase of the soulbonding hexproof, correct?  If it is safe, can I cast a Clone and copy the Elgaud on the battlefield and have him remain...?
If they're actually able to target an Elgaud Shieldmate (perhaps its not soulbonded and so doesn't have hexproof), all other Elgaulds on the battlefield won't be safe, as the only target is the non-hexproof one. The part of the spell that exiles all others that share a name doesn't target, so they're not protected from it.

If an Elgauld exists on the battlefield when clone resolves, you're free to copy it at that point.
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