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24x Mountains

2x Krenko, Mob Boss
4x Goblin Arsonist
3x Guttersnipe
3x Rummaging Goblin
2x Arms Dealer

2x Fervor
2x Searing Spear
2x Trumpet Blast
4x Battle Hymn
4x Goblin Rally
4x Survey the Wreckage
4x Krenko's Command

I've only been playing magic for a lil more than a month or so and right now I have an Azorius Deck that I've been using at FMN and it's actuallu doing pretty well but now I'm looking for something new to play and since I have a bunch of cards from boosters and such I just kinda threw together the best monored I could come up with in the past 30 minutes. Alot of these cards I got from the Mob Rule intro pack and I kinda based it off of that. ANy suggestions on what to add or take out? Right now I'm not a huge fan of Fervor but it was the best card I could find to fill in when I had 2 cards left to put in my deck. I also need a sideboard, suggestions?
Well for starters I've always LOVED goblins and have always tried to play them. However right now I find them to be a little lack luster in the current meta.

That being said, your deck list doesn't look bad. Fervor is a "must have" with krenko mob boss IMO. I also think you should remove Survey the Wreckage the card is has such a high cost and gives such little return for your deck.

If your wanting stay mono red then perhaps Mogg Flunkies could help add creatures, though I'm not very fond of the card. Also I don't know your budget but anytime your playing a tribal deck, Cavern of Souls is an amazing addition.

My standerd goblin deck is actually red with a splash of blue. Adding in Goblin Electomancer and Teleportal mainly. The red/blue version I run is fairly consistent but still runs just over 50/50 at my local FNM.

Hope that helps some, also use [*deck] [*/deck] without the * to link your deck list so people can checkout cards easier.
It's funny that you mentioned the Red/Blue combo because I was just talking to my friend about adding those exact 2 cards into my deck just before I looked to see if anyone had replied. But with only 2 cards requiring blue, what should my mana count be?