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Avoid playing duels with this guy named ooMERCENARIOoo as his gamertag on Xbox Live. I've never played with this guy before and the first time I played with him and defeated him he sent me this message: "Cancer into your family bastard". I've already written a formal complaint about this guy to Xbox Live and hope he can be banned for good. DO NOT PLAY DUELS WITH THIS GUY. He's not a normal person for sure.
Oh come on, I've seen much worse. Doesn't it give you that much more satisfaction when your opponent spins into an uncontrollable rage over his/her inability to beat you? I think it's funny when people rage that hard over a digital card game
I think that calling someone out on these forums are not allowed. I may be wrong on that. I think gamertags are personal.

3. Do not harass, bully, threaten, harm or cause discomfort for other persons, including any other members. For example:

  • Use hate speech or racial, ethnic, sexist, homophobic or religious slurs

  • Harass a specific person (repeated flaming, personal attacks or posting their private information)

  • Troll or bait the community in general with inflammatory statements, such as ones designed to elicit a negative response from the community

  • Post or otherwise disclose any personal or private information of another person, or any confidential information pertaining to a business, without consent


I think gamertags are fairly public information, but idk what the mods think.

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