Help with playing Encounters or Lair Assault

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So I live/work in a place where there is no affiliated store which sells DnD products. We have a group of 7 that play 2-3 times a month using published adventures. Stores in nearby cities kind of give us the cold shoulder as we're not regular customers and they say their materials are for regulars only.  

My questions are:

  • How can a group of us from a small town in the middle of nowhere experience the same Encounters and Lair Assault seasons as players in large cities? 

  • I pay for DnD insider, why aren't previous seasons available for me if people are playing them for free every Wednesday??

  • Has anyone had a good experience with Wizards of the Coast customer service? I've gotten no response from them what so ever with my questions about this topic. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.