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Hi, I was wondering if there is any use in standard for this combo Nivix Guildmage plus Rewind = free overloaded counterflux, but I was wondering if it could do anything more. With heartstone it would generare infinite mana, but is there anything else, and in particular, in standard? Thanks in advance.
You would need to pay 8 mana for your combo to work. Rewind doesn't untap anything until it actually resolves. You can get infinite mana though, Its just not efficient
But you need 8 mana to do it all.

just to counter the first spell, then to counter every other spell on the stack via copied Rewinds.  Sure it ends with all 8 lands untapped but you still had to have to get similar results as an overloaded Counterflux.

There's no strong reason to use this combo. 
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