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I'd like to make a black control deck, because they are fun. It looks like the cards to make one will cheap in comparison to most decks. Is it possible to design such a deck that will do well, or is not running Black/Red going to make the deck worse?

The reason I want to avoid black/red is the cost. Blood Crypts and Dragonskull Summits will cost $60, which is more than the cost of an entire mono-black deck probably. A set of Dreadbores is another $20. 2-4 Rakdos' Return will cost another $10-20. This seems rather prohitivtive to me.

Slaughter Games seems to be the only red/black card that I would consider a reasonably price, but running red/black just to play that card will increase the cost of the deck and will depower Mutiliate.

Here are some cards I was thinking of running:

Hand Destruction
Appetite for Brains

Liliana of the Dark Realms
Underworld Connections
Sign in Blood
Staff of Nin

Lots of Removal Spells to pick from
Ultimate Price
Tragic Slip
Tribute to Hunger
Sever the Bloodline

Vampire Nighthawk
Desecration Demon
Thrill-Kill Assassin
Knight of Infamy
Diregraf Goul

Would it possible to make a good deck with some of the cards above? I'd like to make a decent control-oriented deck that's fun to play with a reasonably low cost. But if it's just going to get it's face smashed in every game, then I guess going Red/Black or something be better.

What do you think?
If you're going for control, you have WAY too many cheap, non-control creatures in the deck. Knight of Infamy is good, but not in a control deck. Same thing goes for the ghoul and the assassin. I love the new Liliana, she's great. With that many draw spells / discard spells, you might want to look at picking up a couple Liliana of the Veil. I hate to say it, but the support for mono-black is just not there right now. It is missing some of the key pieces from last rotation such as Black Sun's Zenith for more mass-removal and Wurmcoil Engine to get back in the game. Going black/red is really the only way this deck can be decently competitive. But if you don't want to spend a whole lot of money on adding red, The dragonskull summits aren't too expensive and Blood Crypt is on its way down. I am playing a couple Chandra, The Firebrand in mine and am loving her. She's cheap. Doubling Rakdos's Return or Slaughter Games is backbreaking. Mizzium Mortars is good removal, although unless you have a decent amount of red mana, you won't be able to overload it.
Definitely thanks for the comments and insights.

I wasn't really planning on running all of these cards. These were just the cards that jumped out at me as decent cards in general, and they are inexpensive.

Liliana of the Veil is certainly a good card, and would definitely up the price of a mono black deck.

I guess it's a bit disappointing that this won't work out, because you're right - the loss of red really does make the overall power of a black deck worse.
Niche has a B/R control deck that isnt too rough on the wallet atm, and you can replace some of the more pricy cards for similar effects until you get the "G" to pay for them.
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