DLCR: Towering Indrik

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Todays other RtR card to rate is...

Towering Indrik


5.0: First pick no matter what.  I will always play this card.
4.5: Splashable and first pick worthy.
4.0: First pick pack 1.
3.5: Early pick though not always a first pick.
3.0: Solid early/mid pick.
2.5: Solid pick in color.
2.0: Should generally make the deck if in this color.
1.5: Decent filler.
1.0: 23rd card if you have to.
0.5: This card will sometimes be sideboarded in.
0.0: I will never put this card into my deck (main deck or after sideboarding).

Oh Giant Spider you got a longer neck and less legs?!?!

Anyway, this card much like his spider cousin is good.  He can mess up a lot of flying decks because there aren't many flyers that can get through a 4 toughness.


This is a solid card I try to get for most green decks. 2.5
Slightly underwhelming in fast Selesnya, this card is solid otherwise. 2.5 is fair.
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I always try and grab this guy if i'm playing Golgari for the Reach but also as a Scavenge target, but i wait until later picks because the card is fairly underwhelming in this set and they're usually still going around the table for quite a while.  I've sided them out before when i know my opponent isn't playing fliers.  1.5-2    
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