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Vish Kal
Hero of Bladehold
Ghost Council
Zealous Persecution
Elesh Norn
Sorin 2.0
Elspeth 1.0
Eldrazi Monument
Vault of the Archangel

Just some ideas. Life loss/gain is another good avenue for B/W
I was actually about to post a prototype decklist that I made last night...let's put our heads together and build this thing

I found that with Darkest Hour on the board, this deck is capable of infinite life gain or infinite Mortician Beetle on turn four.  I do this by using stuff with "sacrifice a creature" effects, replacing each sacrificed creature as many times as i need.

"Sacrifice a creature" cards:

Viscera Seer This will actually allow you to tutor for a card and put it on top of your deck.
Dimir House Guard Also fetches a 4 CMC if not needed
Phyrexian Plaguelord Kills all of your opponents' creatures (not infinite because you'll eventually have to target your own creatures)
Vish Kal, Blood Arbiter Kills your opponents' creatures, and then becomes infinitely huge.
Sadistic Hypnotist Look ma, no hands!

Infinite life gain cards:

Soul Warden 
Soul's Attendant 
Suture Priest 
Proper Burial 

Other shenanigans:

Cathars' Crusade Makes Teysa and friends bigger while you make 300,000 spirits enter the battlefield
Grave Pact Another creature wipe that can get rid of hexproof creatures

DISCLAIMER:  I have yet to playtest this deck, but if you have enough tutors to get Darkest Hour, then I can see this performing very well. 
Vishnu mal already in.

Ive thought about token producing creatures, but dislike how vulnerable creatures are. They also push me to use ashnods altar and nim deathmantle for infinites... which I've done too many times.

Ghost council is a shoe in, I planned on picking one of them up.

I want sorin... 1.0 more then 2, but I like both.

Elesh Norn is a good choice, but pushes tokens as aggressive attacking creatures rather than a means to a quirky end... but she's awesome at hosing a lot of decks in our meta.

Darkest hour is really cute, and mucho quirky. I don't think you need too many tutors for it. But there are plenty in black and several in white. Definitely going in.

My first thoughts were sanguine bond and exquisite blood... but I dunno if that's cheesy or awesome.


The Bond/Blood combo is effective. Depends on how your Meta feels about infinite combos. I run it in my monoblack deck (to the displeasure of some people in my group) because both cards are decent alone as well.

Divinity of Pride and Deathbringer Liege are good as well. Angel of Despair is probably in that staple list, but just in case. Grave Pact, Grave Betrayal, Filth, Sheoldred, Cabal Coffers, and Urborg all have a place.

I've only got my phone for internet until the 2nd or 3rd of January so that's why I'm not auto-carding stuff. Also, I think you know all the cards I've suggested.
Grave betrayal took me a second cuz its new. But all you listed are either in ir on the short list for adds... except for the betrayal. I'm not sure if I like it better than debtors' knell.


Why not both? A little redundancy never hurts and Knell can get stuff from your graveyard too, where the Betrayal only gets stuff that dies from your opponent's board. Also, there are few things more satisfying than letting your opponent make a scary board, dropping Grave Betrayal, wiping the board with Damnation or something, and then passing turn.
We'll see. It could be good. If there's room for it definitely.


Updated OP with a list.


circle of despair can work here with the sac and gives some protection
I specifically looked for one today... ¡no hay nada!


Hmm.  I'm confused by a lot in your list, Nih.  EDIT: I had to read it again to make sure I wasn't seeing a lack of token creatures on purpose.  My suggestions accordingly.

I have some suggestions for what to add:

Sun Titan is a shoo-in (heh, yes I know, and remember).
Nether Traitor - This creature is the absolute nuts in this type of deck.
Deathrender - VERY good for advancing your board.
Falkenrath Noble - Another Blood Artist.
Martyr's Cause - easily replaces Circle of Despair.
Grave Titan / Wurmcoil Engine - Not only threats, they are almost the best token producers by passive ability ever.
Marshal's Anthem good for resurrection?

Tech suggestions:
Masako the humorless

Compulsory suggestions:
Debtors' Knell - You mentioned this already.  I did not see it in the list.
Volrath's Stronghold - Dunno if this was planned, and is expensive.
Strands of Night
I was thinking about both Titans, and wurmcoil is one of those cards I just don't have enough of... but nether traitor! Oh man the cards you forget about!

I don't think I'll play martyr's cause...I was going to play circle of despair because its old and black white...

And I have a few strands of night sitting around that I can try... though that means I'll want crucible...


Sun Titan means you can forego crucible.
Yeah, probably.


New Ghost Council card because new Ghost Council
I'm a fan of Righteous War in decks with B/W.

Maybe a Requiem Angel, though I don't know what you'd cut offhand. Same goes for Pillory of the Sleepless &/or Recumbent Bliss.

Current EDH Decks: Radha Timmy, Oona exile/mill, Edric aggro, Marath tokens, Uril Voltron, Ertai counters, Sek'Kuar sac engines, Ezuri elf tribal, Oloro life gain, Zedruu tokens, White Mikaeus indestructible, Riku allies, Ghave synergy, Momir Vig Simic to a fault, Zur pillow fort/extort, Cromat artifacts, Rafiq aggro, Nekuzar zombies, Prossh creature beats, Roon ETB/bounce, Garza Zol vampires.




Hmm, awhile back I built my friend an absolutely brutal Teysa deck. She's one of my favorite characters, and he likes Orzhov alot. So it worked out well. The thread is called "The War of Attrition: or how I spent my summer with Teysa.

You actually posted in it so I'm betting you may have already gained what there is to be gained for yourself.
That was the list that turned me on to teysa. I haven't looked at it since, wanting to get as original a build as possible first. But now I'm gonna look it up!


Also... the new ghost council... just saw it. I loves it.


So far the card I'm most excited about. But I'm holding out hope for the Simic Guild Leader.
I'm holding out hope for a Teysa rethink.
That new angel seems interesting.


Boring as poo.  Just like the new orzhov ghost council, both boring abilities.  Now, I know the council's ability is fairly strong.  The angel's is not, in my opinion:  It still does not dodge wipe.  That's just personal opinion, mind you, not meant to wreck your interest in it, pardon.

What about playing Mangara of Corondor in this deck?  Pretty nifty and is strong removal.  You could start running Ghostway with that as well; although the ghostway does combo better with blue than just black.

Other utility stuffs:

Angelic Renewal
The angel leaves behind a black and white token. That's the interesting part. How many big creatures actually dodge a wipe?


Angelic renewal seems fun with suntitan.


The angel leaves behind a black and white token. That's the interesting part. How many big creatures actually dodge a wipe?

You get something for it, true.  I find myself never expecting the token to change back, however.  Same flavour, mechanic wise as that sengir thingy from time spiral block that did the same thing.

I can't argue your points, because they are relevant, but I find the card clunky.  Not sure if I can explain it better than that. 

EDIT: I do have to clarify that I misread the card a bit, though.  I thought it was an activation of sorts to get the token in the first place:  like a Holysh t handle.  It is more resilient. 
The reanimation is stupid clunky and I cant see myself actually using it. But with teysa nim deathmantle and ashnods altar it offers infinite mana. Relevant creatures that do that are few. Also triggers the liege... I guess... when I get one.


My first "good" EDH deck was Teysa. So much fun to play and can be brutal. I kind of randomly added Shirei into the deck to bring my 1/* saccers back. It worked so well I ended up moving completely to Shirei, but maybe a thought for Teysa?
ok... Last round of updates for a while. Its about where I first imagined it.


Angel of Salvation
Black Sun's..
Magus of the Abyss
Chainer's Edict
Ad Nauseam
Eternity Vessel (hence the Ad Nauseam cut)
3 plains
1 swamp

Austere Command
Decree of Pain
Grave titan
Sun Titan
Deathguy liege
and some 4 lands that are better than basics...


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