Pre-Gen Human Cleric has incorrect armor

In the new playtest released, the pre-gen human cleric is given an AC value of 15 because it is wearing studded leather armor, but the lightbringer path nor the cleric class in general give the cleric any armor proficiencies, therefore the pre-gen character sheet is incorrect in stating that the cleric possess all armor and shield proficiencies. This would reduce the clerics AC to a value of 11 wearing no armor and a dex of +1 unless he wants to deal with the penalties of wearing armor he is not proficient with.
I think it's actually an ommision in the Lighrbringer description, actually, since I don't think they're meant to have no armor proficiency.

Yea, thats probably where the error lies. I just think the lightbringer with armor could be a tad bit strong because of their disciple of the sun ability making it so they can both avoid hits from high AC aswell as attack the first target every round that attempts to attack him before the enemy hit even goes off.
They said they would explore armor-less clerics as a sort of "white mage" concept and their free lance of faith reaction on anyone who attacks them seems to be the advantage they get for losing armor; so I would guess the Lightbringer is not supposed to have armor.

I would assume the Character Sheet is wrong. Its not the only typo they made this packet.
Its an error carried from the previous 102912_Human Cleric Pre-Gen. Lifebringer doesn't have any armor or shield proficiency, so he shouldn't wear one and have AC 11 unless he doesn't mind having disadvantage on Strenght and Dexterity checks, saving throws and attacks. Wink

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