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  I had Avacyn, Angel of Hope on the battlefield and my opponent had Vraska the Unseen on the battlefield.  She activated Vraska's first ability (when a creature deals damage to Vraska, destroy it)...I attacked with Avacyn which is industructable...what happens?

  And what if she activates the second ability of Vraska (Destroy target nonland permanent)?  Are all my permanents safe from Vraska or does a planswalker supercede all other considerations?
Indestructible means just that... it cannot be destroyed.  With avacyn, angel of hope out, your permanents cannot be destroyed. vraska the unseen's destroy abilities will not have any affect.
Basically, as Beyurslf has said, "indestructible" means "cannot be destroyed". Anything that would usually destroy a permanent has no effect - this includes effects which outright use the term destroy (such as both of Vraska the Unseen's first two abilities, as well as things like Royal Assassin and Terminate), and also lethal damage (damage greater than or equal to toughness, or from a source with deathtouch).

So effects which Avacyn + co are safe from:

Doom Blade
Wrath of God
Ambush Viper

And effects which they aren't safe from:

Tragic Slip
All is Dust
Cruel Edict
Black Sun's Zenith
Devastation Tide
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