Creation rituals any good beside enchanting?

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Hi guys,

I just went through all the creation rituals (in the creation category) and beside Enchant Magic Item, I can not seem to think of good ideas or things to do with the rituals in the creation category.

1- Anyone could prove me wrong?

3- If so, any ideas with any ritual (please say which ritual).

4- I skiped #2!

Arcane Mark can be handy for RP reasons.

Brew Potion should be self explanatory why it is useful.

I can think of 101 ways to use Duplicate.

Fluid Funds does wonders for dragon-horde looting.

Hallowed Temple.  Put one anywhere in any situation where the fact that Demons can't enter is relevant.

Mordenkainen's Joining - Think of things that normally fit together becoming one to the peril of others.  That door is now a wall.  That sword and sheathe are now just decorations.  That guard you snuck up on now has his boots as a permanent part of the battlement which should make it hard for him to come after you quickly.

Secure Shelter uses the words "immune to all damage".  If you can't find a use for an indestructible building you aren't trying hard enough. 
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