Running a god's errands/original class

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Hey all!

I ended up taking the "Pivitol Event: Possession" background for a character. Basically, she was possessed, and an agent of some (as of yet) unnamed society freed her from the creature's influence. Thankful, she joined the society, traveling and carryin out her assignments with iron purpose. Essentially, she tips balances of power: if there's a tyrant in an area, she does what she can to overthrow them and install someone better. On the other hand, if a governor, or somewhat benign government is messing up, she goes in to mediate. Basically, she recieves assignments on how her "bosses" want the city/area to be, and goes at it.

The twist, I was thinking, is who's to say she ever was freed? What better way to get someone to do your work (as a possessing entity) than convince them
they're not only free, but working for their hero/es?

I was wondering, does anyone know of any gods/forces/demons/outer things that like to run a long con?


As far as the character (Masuyo), I was mucking about with giving her powers revolving around kinetic manipulation, sort of like Gambit from X-Men. Charging objects, giving bonuses to ally melee attacks, thermal manipulation via slowing down kinetic force of molecules, jumping/flight, etc. Right now she's rolled up with Paladin stats, focused on being a defender/leader, rather than striker. I was figuring on using power points/storing and generating kinetic energy to use some of the powers.

Ideas? Suggestions? I'm open to all! Thank you!