Battle Cry Retreat

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When the attacking player rolls a flag, and the defending unit must retreat, can the attacker pull that unit closer to the attacker or does the defender have to move away from the attacker?
The defending unit must retreat toward the defender's side of the board.  The defender makes this movement per the retreat rules on page 11 of the Rulebook.
Thanks. I re-read the rule and now I see that. First pass through I didn't see that distinction.

We have agrued about this extensively and think the rules give poor direction, they should say that "when retreating the unit must be moved AWAY from the attacking unit" as opposed to towards their side of the board. The reason is that in a battle like Wilsons Creek there are union and confederate units all over the board and to retreat towards they side of the board makes little sense. Or if one of your units has outflanked and enemy and has to retreat it would by the strict reading of the rules be retreating into the attacking unit.