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D&D Features
Inn Generator

By John Hasznosi

Can’t think of the inn’s name off the top of your head? How about the name of the barkeep, the menu, or the prices? Who’s currently present? What conversations can be overheard? What’s the general mood, and why? John Hasznosi created the Inns in an Instant tables to provide quick answers to such questions, allowing the DM to focus on more important things, such as how to introduce the next plot hook or run the upcoming encounter. As a holiday bonus, we've gone ahead and incorporated these tables into a new Inn Generator.

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=/ it doesn't load...and some of my friends can't load them it's most likely a problem with the java application...i still think there are ALOT more important thing the programers should do instead of making a inn random generator...
It was reported already in the Discussion Thread.

The link to launch the Inn Generator doesn't work.

CustServ advised  Ticket [#121223-000367] 

The Inn Generator works now. Great tool for any Editions or RPG !
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