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I'm currently working on the story for my Svirfneblin Druid, Rigger Blightfang. I'll be playing him in a 4E campaign I was invited to so any thoughts or suggestions would be really awesome. Particularly, I'm trying to flesh out his time in the Underdark. So, let me know what you think so far!

Quick Information

  • Deity: Melora

  • Alignment: Unaligned, does whatever is best for keeping the peace in nature (particularly the underwilds) and making sure it doesn't get destroyed/upset

  • Age: 97 years (Svirfneblin live to be about 250)

  • Height: 3'4"

  • Weight: 72 lb.

  • Excels at dungeoneering

Appearance Notes

  • Left arm is missing and is replaced by a proprtionate faux arm made of grey-green vines animated by druidic magic that wrap around his chest and extend down. This carries over and applies to his beast form as well.

  • Wears a lot of dark leather (leather belts, satchels of weird powders on his side, potion belt woith random liquids, etc)

  • Leather/canvas backpack with random survival things (bedroll, tent, etc)

  • Wields a gnarled staff (used for walking and also attacking)

  • Has a helm with some sort of antlers/horns adorning it

  • Dark gray/brown hair that is pulled back in to a short pony tail wrapped with a leather band

  • Pretty muscular, but lean, much like his people

  • Bite, tear and rip scars all over him due to the nature of his patrolling

  • Light gray/green eyes

  • Cheerful/determined demeanor

Detailed Information

Rigger is a small, quiet Svirfneblin. He typically keeps to himself which goes against his race’s nature but he likes it that way. The Araumycos, a blighted, living fungus brutally attacked him during one of his routine patrols when he was younger, causing a brutal infection in his left arm. To prevent it from spreading his left arm had to be amputated from the shoulder down. Dark grey-green vines animated by Druidic magic are wrapped tightly around his chest; they swirl together forming a faux arm (looks proportionate to his other arm and hand, complete with tendril fingers, etc).

As a Druid of the Underdark, his time patrolling consists of stalking through the caverns and tunnels of the Underwilds. He keeps them safe for any adventurers that are heading to his city from the surface and if he comes across anything plaguing the ecosystems of the caverns, he will destroy it by any means necessary. While patrolling, he prefers to be shapeshifted in to his Beast Form (which is some sort of blighted looking bearcat; when he is shapeshifted, his left arm is still missing and the vines alter accordingly).

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His typical surroundings of the Underdark make me think that you should use roots or fungi rather than vines for the faux arm, or perhaps stone and mud to accentuate the character's race. Aside from that, seems good as is. Very well thought out character. Kudos
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