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Numbers are represented as so:

| | | | | | = 6
# # | | = 10.

Some examples
Heroes' Reunion

life # | | |


, | |

First Volley
, sub_type Arcane
and, previous_element|

An alternative wording for First Volley:
label , A. andA, A|


The syntax works as follows.

is a placeholder, I'll use it for examples.


In the first line something occurs, for example "you win the game".
In the 2nd line something occurs that requires information, for example paying life, the information, in this case the amount of life is the 2nd .
The 3rd line shows two things occurring one after another.
And finally the last line shows something happening that needs two pieces of information.

| |

The means damage, its given 2 and returns the concept of 2 damage to the next level.

, | |
Now something is delt 2 damage. The means delt, this takes two peices of information instead of 1, so brackets and commas are used.
All the parameters must be calculated before we can continue, being that one is a placeholder, this example cannot work.

, | |

The means target. A target creature is delt 2 damage. The order this would be calculated is:

then ,

This could alternatively be symboled as:

| |

The  means that the 2nd thing is related to the 1st, being something the first has, in this case being able to be delt damage. It is also analogous to the previous example.

means or. For example target creature or player would be , .


# | | | = 7
= or(a, b, ...)
= delt(target, damage), target delt damage.
= damage(number), number damage.
= instant.
= creature.
= player.
= target one(condition/s).
= controls.

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This forum can't even ****ing self-destruct properly.


okay, the arrow is "target", the split arrow is "or", the other two in double parentheses are creature and player, and the sun is damage, with the 2 in it being 2. what's the arm?

120.6. Some effects replace card draws.
I thought the 2 was just 2, while the arm/tower/fire/arm thing was damage.

I'd like to see Jace, Architect of Thought.

Yxoque wrote:
This forum can't even ****ing self-destruct properly.


The arm is "Delt".
I thought the 2 was just 2, while the arm/tower/fire/arm thing was damage.

that seems inefficient. you can just have a symbol that represents "deal X damage" and superimpose a number on it. I'd format shock like this (ignoring pictures)

{deal 2 damage}{target}({creature}{player})

4 symbols. you can define {target}({x}{y}) as "target X or Y". then if you wanted to do first volley or something, you'd go {target}{x}{target}{y}.

120.6. Some effects replace card draws.
I imagined you could be delt life for healing. Like the way the wording has you adding mana or a number of mana to your mana pool instead of just adding numbers.

I also wanted to be able to group things together with 'and' and have something occur to all of them for example.
Ha. Ha. Ha.

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That is a lovely painting of Richard Garfield. It really brings out his feminine side.
Nice work but could use some help on the drawing of the symbols though.

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Feel free to donate some better symbols, or otherwise colaborate.
On Japanese and Korean cards, the syntax for Shock is "Target a creature or player. Shock deals 2 damage to that target." We could adopt this syntax like so:

I can do more nice mockups if anyone's interested. 

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Make Ice Cauldron with this.


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surely one can't say complex conditional passive language is bad grammar ?
Heh, good idea! ^.^
Make Ice Cauldron with this.

This, by the way, is an example of one reason not to use this system.

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Solphos – A fan set with a 'combo matters' theme

Fool's Gold – The second set of the Solphos block

Nice mock up chinkeeyong, a different syntax to mine but interesting.

Ice Cauldron

I'm missing a large, (would be oversized) closing bracket on the right, also it might not be entirely accurate, but you get the idea. It would look better with all symbols instead of the symbol names where I haven't created those symbols.

If I gave up on the idea that all the information about a game is nicely nested and in comparable forms with similar operations, and just went with lots of global concepts, I could add more types of symbol and significantly reduce the number of them needed to describe things. I should probbably at least include "you" and stop referring to everyone playing a card as being the cards controller.

However, doing all that would add more symbols to remember, so I probbably wont.