haven't been receiving dnd next playtest survey :(

Hey all,

I have only received the survey after the very first playtest packet... not sure why I haven't been receiving it after that... I checked junk and deleted folders as well, and not there.. Plus I have a "POP" folder that has every email in it I've received in past year... kind of like an archive... and nothing past the first packets' survey.

Does anyone know how to be re-added to the mailing so I can fill out the surveys?  Thanks.
Are you a 4e fan? if so and you put that down on the first survey they are probably just saving time by not sending you the surveys for the following packets.  This way thwy don't have to go to the trouble of taking your responses out.

(yes that was a joke- perhaps a poor one but I'd rather make jokes about 4e fans' feedback being ignored than get ticked off about it) 
I seem to be i nthe same situation . . . except I didn't make the 4e mistake in the surveys Wink
i think they changed the way they send out packets/emails after the first one came out.

maybe try signing up again with a new email?

Happy to be back on the best D&D forum on the internet!

The last survey was on November 08.

The next survey will be after new year according to Mike Mearls. 

As trebor said, try signing again or give a new email if you prefer.

@Tyger_Bryte: Thanks. Is survey coming before or after NY?
@mikemearls: After

I didn't receive it by email like past paytests, so I downloaded it from dndnext.com by logging in there with the same, old account and downloading it.
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