Elemental Escalation; Can You Shift Before the Attacks?

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As per the title.

Can you shift 3 squares as a free action _before_ attacking as part of the effect of Elemental Escalation? Given that the effect appears to interrupt the use of your at-will attack power, I'd say you can.
Some people will tell you yes, some people will tell you no, so YMMV ask your DM.

RAW the Rules on Free actions don't specifically say yes or no. 

RAI the developpers specifically say no in a podcast.


Here's a transcription of the 4/6/2012 podcast (15 minutes in): 
From the DDI Mailbag: Just how free are free actions… specifically the free action power of the Dwarven Armor daily power?(reference Dwarven armor daily power). When a wearer is hit, can he use free action between the attack roll and damage roll? 
Mike Mearls: I believe that free actions can't take place in between things like attack roll and damage roll.
Jeremy Crawford: what you're getting at Mike is that in this case he could not use the power in between those two things because the power doesn't have a trigger. Basically the only powers in the game that can mess around with timing are powers with triggers, and then those triggers tell you when you get to break a rule. Because it doesn't say that, you have to use this as a discrete action; not interrupting other actions. 
Mike: So it can't take place in the middle of another action.
Jeremy: Exactly.
Rodney Thompson: That may be true specifically for this action because it's the wearer using it between the phases of another character’s actions, but how does that account for the warden? We've said in the past that at any point during a move you can use a free action to mark and then continue that move.
Jeremy: That’s really a DM's call because the default assumption of the system is that the warden has to do it before the move action or at the end of it. Actions don't divide each other up (later) in my campaign I have a Warden and I let him do exactly what you describe: he can interrupt himself. It’s just that by the rules: we're breaking the rules. But this is what D&D is about. (later) Early on in the process we didn't have a concept of no action. If we were going to do this power now, it wouldn't be a free action.

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In order for Elemental Escalation to even work at all though, free action interdiction _must_ be recognized in this case. Since the shift 3 is one of EE's effects and is part of this interdiction, wouldn't shifting before the resolution of the attack be permissable by the RAW?

Also of note, assuming you can use the shift 3 before resolution, the timing would be the exact same as an Opportunity Attack. Which goes first? Is it by initiative order (person with the highest initiative count resolves first)?
Elemental Escalation is a triggered free action doing a few things, including allowing you to shift 3 squares as a free action. The shift is not part of the triggered free action, similar to how Hammer Hands push as a free action is not part of the attack that hit.

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