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Hi all,
Is there an easier way to download back-issues of Dragon and Dungeon magazine apart from manually selecting them one at a time?
Unfortunatly no. You have to download each issues seperatly, and fo issues non-compiled, each articles seperatly.
Can I ask why WOTC makes life so hard by doing this? Especially the non compiled versions...  seems very anti-customer.
It makes sense from a business standpoint. They don't want to make it super-easy to pay for one month, download everything with one click, and then stop paying.

First - Merry Christmas all.

Secondly I have paid for a year, how about they cut me a break?   I shouldn’t suffer because of WoTC's poor business model...

They are basically punishing customers to use their system.  I can even tell they have purposely made it more difficult to download complete magazines overtime.  So they are purposely being anti-customer:

  1. Originally you could download the entire magazine in a consolidated PDF.

  2. Then they changed it into sections but you could at least download all the sections from one page so you could use a downloader to grab all sections in one click (download link on the magazines contents change).  And if you really wanted to run a pdf distiller to combine them.

  3. Then they moved the download links off the content page so you are forced to download each one individually.

  4. Finally you can't download a complete magazine at all as the editorial doesnt have a PDF section in the latest versions.  You must read these online.

So its gone from 1 click to get what I paid for to at least 20 (one for each section, and then one for the download of each section) and still don't get a complete magazine.

Its very anti-customer and very "corporate".  It’s surprising in a time of Google and Apple (and even Microsoft) who do everything they can to make the user experience superlative.  Its a dead-end model.

I preferred the individual article style of publishing so I don't have to dl the entire magazine to save just one article (or do PDF editing to trim it).

I don't think it's really a big deal considering you just need to dl the material once in your entire life. I just click the scroll wheel to open a string of tabs and then just cycle through clicking them all and it's done and I never have to do it again. There are way worse things WotC does that hurt its brand, business, and customers (the clampdown on Ashes of Athas, for example).
You may have been eased into it as a long time user (just guessing).  I am new user and its pretty rubbish from my point of view.  I am not going to click through 20+ times for 10 to 15 issues worth of content.  Its a bait-and-switch - pay $X and you get Y but Y is difficult to get - not impossible - just difficult.  Doesnt matter how you cut that, its bad customer service.

Seems WoTC agrees:

Thank you for contacting Wizards of the Coast Game Support!

Due to customer feedback, we have reverted from our previous method of providing individual sections of the Dungeon and the Dragon magazines to providing the full issues for download in .pdf format. You can find the links for downloading the latest issues on our D&D homepage, which I have linked below:

Daily D&D

Under the "Subscription" tab on that page you will find the most recent entry for Dungeon # 209. You can find the download link for the entire issue in that article. Please bear in mind that we will not be able to retroactively compile the previous issues of Dungeon and Dragon, however we will be using the full issue download format from here moving forward.

If you have any questions or need any additional support please feel free to contact us again at your earliest convenience.

Take care and good gaming!

Thats a step in the right direction.
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