Anybody want to play DND Next PBEM Style?

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So I just signed up for DND Next and I want to give it a spin. 

Anybody want to join me a slow paced PBEM game using Google groups?  I'll DM but I must warn you that I am slow and not so good, but I'm still offering because I'm better than nothing.

I haven't read through the rules but I will do so over the next couple of days and I'll have a game ready to start using the pre-generated adventures after Christmas, say the weekend so like 29th-30th.  Unless I don't then probably start it later than that.  if you are interested let me know here, I'll check back every day or so.

I might be interested in trying it out, although I don't have any Next materials. Are from BC Michigan? I happen to live in Kalamazoo.
Interested... I'd play a wizard, or I could DM if you wanted to play.


 My Psion for Next

Updated 31/4/14


This will sound very contrived and self-serving, but I spent a lot of time designing this class - so it Psionics is your thing, please give it a quick read and your two cents.


I'm interested if you still have an opening.
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