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I recently traded for 2 Garruk, Primal Hunters i forgot to see what set they where from i need m13 set ones but what i got where m12 instead. Can i stiil use them in standerd or im i out of luck. fairly new to magic thanks in advance!
If its Garruk, Primal Hunter then yes you can use it in standard as it was reprinted in M13.
As long as the card was printed in a set that is Standard you can use it in standard no matter what set your print is from. 
explain if you have a Duress from Urza's Saga, you can use it in your standard deck because it was reprinted in M13

Any copy of any card currently legal in Standard is good. You can use basic lands from 1993 if you want.

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Personally I use Portal Second Age Mind Rots because I find the art amusing. Whereas most Mind Rots show a person totally losing his mind, Portal Second Age Mind Rots look like the guy's just yawning.
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I always thought those black bells were chiming really ****ing loud and they guy was screaming to be heard over them.

I prefer old-faced cards when available, especially for basic land (Mirage and Urza's Saga pwnz joo ballz).

Would always play Portal cards over other old-faced cards though, I really like Portal and I wish the good cards were easier to find.
Haha, it looks like Ricky Gervais just realised the toilet roll is empty!
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