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So I played this deck at fnm and it did alright i just feel like its not quite there im looking for some suggestions maybe adding vexian devils? any help would be nice

Rakdos Shredfreak
Furor of the Bitten
Rakdos Cackler
Traitorous Blood
Hellion Crucible
Pyreheart Wolf
Mizzium Mortars
Ash Zealot
Stromkirk Noble
Pillar of Flame
Searing Spear
20 Mountains
2   Brimstone Volley 
dang that got messed
You may need to look into +2 land, +3 Hellkites.

I've never liked Wolf and I feel Threatens are best left in the SB unless you have a sac outlet.

If you do go into the "Go Big" approach you'll have to cut down on a few Furor. You could probably still run 4 but you'll likely be looking into your creature base for cuts.
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