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I'm making a hybrid warlock/paladin and I have several questions on feats and powers

If I have an at will with cold and fire keywords and have both hellfire arcanist (FEAT bonus to fire attacks) and blood of levistus (FEAT bonus to cold attacks) do they both add in or only the highest modifier ?

I attack with and at will has the keywords arcane/fire/cold/radiant and have the white lotus riposte feat. If the target has vulerability to cold/fire/radiant do they take the extra damage when white lotus riposte hits them as it does damage of the same type and keywords ?
FEAT bounuses don't stack so you would only get the best bounus that would apply.
Of course that only means bounuses called FEAT bounuses.

The vullenrable enemy should take the extra damage or effect from anything that dose damage of tha type.
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thank you for the quick reply
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