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How do you all see it from a flavor standpoint? For me, as more and more humans gather along the walls to see him off, he is more and more empowered against the werewolves and other Innistrad baddies. They cheer him on, they yell words of encouragement from the safety of the city walls, knowing their hero fights for all of them.
He's running for mayor because the last one went native.
Each time a human enters the battlefield, he wows them with his strong yet fair stance on lycanthrope immimgration policy reform, his plan to invigorate the economy with a strong push for laurel-based mass production, and that one time he saved little timmy from being eaten by a demon and they decide to give him a vote, which he consumes and gains all its power.

Just like real life politics.

Or it's a metaphor for community spirit or something.
Another spin on it could be as every human prays for his safe return from the the various dangers he has to face alone and this in turn gives him faith
Well Avacyn is quite literally empowered by faith, so yeah, possibly.
It's the same flavor as exalted. With more people cheering and/or relying on him he becomes more convinced and determined, making him a better fighter. 

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Well Avacyn is quite literally empowered by faith, so yeah, possibly.

Their faith, and the rituals, makes the enchantments stronger.

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Wow, so a heroic Path of Inspiration?
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Wow, so a heroic Path of Inspiration?

More of a 'pragmatic church' than a good one, but essentially.
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