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Hey folks, As title says; looking for a group that plays D&D 3.5e in the toowoomba area. Prefferably in the area around USQ but anywhere is fine.
 Some things to know about me; I have access to over 200 D&D 3 and D&D3.5e sourcebooks as well as every dungeon and dragon magazine. 
 I prefer to play either of 2 beast races; Hobgoblin(MM1 pg153) or Kenku(MM3 pg 86). But am willing to play ay race needed.

Thats all folks, Thanks for reading 
Hey, I am also looking for a group in Toowoomba to play D&D with, I only have the basic three 3.5 Rule books and I have no personal experience with the game but I am always willing to learn. If anyone is interested in an extra player I am available every Sunday and Some Saturdays.

I hope to hear from you soon.
Well. I will be getting a bunch of noob players to make a game. if your willing I'd like to have an extra experienced player.
That sounds great Atlas, I would love to be a part of your group! As I said I haven't got that much practical experience but I have done alot of "theory" and I am very confident that I can bring a good character to the table. What days were you looking to get together and where abouts are we meeting? As I said the weekend is best for me but I only work casually and so I can take a week day off if need be but I would prefer Sundays. I'm not sure if there is anywhere in the uni or the uniplaza that we could sit down to a game but Battle Station behind The Discount Chemist on Margaret Street might allow us to borrow one of there tables of an afternoon.
Hello all, I know this topic is old but better then starting a new one and clutter the forum.

I recently moved to Toowoomba and im looking for a group, ive played 3.5 on and off for a while but still consider myself a nooby to the game as there is soo much to learn.

Im looking for a group that dosnt plan to fall apart and stop playing like most groups ive joined. Normally prefer a class that can get into the melee, normaly I play fighter, cleric or barbarian. But I want to give spellsword ago.

Open to play any day really as I dont currently work. Thanks
Hi Gore-child. 
I've started my own group
Send me an email at: blackheart775@hotmail.com
Our sessions are Wednesdays 10AM to 6PM at my house(between USQ and westridge shopping center) we'd be happy to have you
So... I know this was posted last year but there's been comments as recently as last month...

I've never actually played D&D before (ever) and know pretty much nothing about it, though i've wanted to play for quite a while. I imagine all your people who used to be noobs are way more experienced now so I don't know if that's a problem...

It'd be nice to have someone in Toowoomba who could at least tell me how to go about playing, even if I can't join the game (I work Wednesdays), though.

Sorry if this is all hopeless lol.
I'm also in Toowoomba (own a house near USQ area), played AD&D 2nd edition and baseline D&D (Basic - Companion rules), i'm in process of playtesting D&D Next, and purchasing the 3.5 edition books at the moment to try and catch up, I don't think I'll bother with 4th edition.

I can't play on Wednesday itself, I own my own business, can play evenings or weekends, may have a friend interested as well. Would prefer to play a Cleric/Paladin/Fighter class.

Feel free to personal pst me. 

Hi everyone,


Noticed a lack of traffic on this thread, so I am hoping that you all have found a game.  If not, please PM me - I'm in the Toowoomba area.  I can't promise anything, but perhaps we can arrange soemthing.  I'm also in conrtact with a couple of other groups who are very open to new players.



Gday all,


I know this is an old thread but im just curious if theres any groups out there in the Toowoomba region who play d&d? Something i've always wanted to play but have never gotten around to. I love baldurs gate and all those rpgs and do read alot of the novels so am familiar with all the background/lore behind it (absolutely love the drow). If anyone is interested in a new member to a group id be very interested to hear from yous. I work full time a house designer/builder so I cant do much during the week unless its at night? Weekends would be best.


Cheers guys.

Hey all, I play 4e, as either a player or a DM. I'm looking at either joining or starting a group in Toowoomba. If you have anything happening or are interested flick me an email timothygraves27@gmail.com.



 Hello all!


I've also recently moved to the Toowoomba area and am hoping to both put together my own roleplaying group, as well as participate in gaming in the Toowoomba area.

I have a certain degree of experience with gaming including roleplaying with 4.0, 3.x and an admitted preference for 'indie' games and have written for a few publishers over the years.

I have used this username on this and other forums before, most notably rpg.net with some of my former games posted as part of actual plays there.


Feel free to speak up here or to fire off a PM if you'd like to get in touch.

Likewise I understand one of the local stores (Battlestation) is hosting an event as part of the 2014 Free RPG day around Saturday 21st June.

So perhaps it might pay to swing by that day to see if we can all stumble across each other?

For those who were thinking of going to Battlestation tomorrow, it looks like they've postphoned the event until the 12th July.


Check with them or NeoTokyo who look to be running a cosplay event now on the same day.

I'm pretty sure if I tried dressing as an elf I'd still look like Dame Edna Everage. ;)


I am going once a month to the Toowoomba Boargamers meetings as well, as quite a few boargamers also role-play.


They're a fairly friendly bunch.


At any rate, hope to catch some or all of you there at a future meeting.

I will make you lot network, it is my solemn vow. 




It's getting closer to Saturday and it looks like this delayed RPG gaming day is on!

If you keep tabs on the Darling Downs Gamers Club and the Neo-Tokyo sites, as well as the one for Battlestation you'll get the online picture.

It looks like Battlestation will be hosting, with NeoTokyo doing their own thing as well.  So come down to visit both!

I've personally spoken to folk from all three groups and it looks like they'll be at least a half-dozen games being run on the day, plus cosplay and all sorts of other stuff going on.


So if you're in the Toowoomba area and are looking to meet and greet fellow gamers, this looks to be an opportunity.

I myself will be going and am in the hunt for players to help form a new roleplaying group, with D&D Next/5e being a game I'm looking to run.

So look for me (I've a moustache and side-burns these days) on the day if you're looking to have a chat about gaming, finding a group or just to socialise.


This will be I think a good opportunity to meet local gamers in both gaming and non-gaming contexts, give you a chance to make friends and find yourself locals and newcomers like myself alike to meet and possibly game with in time.


So hope to see you on the day!

I've sent around some Private Messages to folk on this thread to see if I can get a couple more players.  Can you check your Accounts and if you have recieved one of these messages just drop me a line.

At this point, I'm running with a party of three (one player is unreliable and the party won't game with only two players).  Right now even one more player would make the difference between regular consistent gaming and sporadic sessions.


Any help would be appreciated.

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