1/2/2013 UR: "Gruul Ingenuity"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Uncharted Realms, which goes live Wednesday morning on magicthegathering.com.
LOVED this story. I usually don't care much for the Gruul but the way they were portrayed in this story helped distance them from "mindless savage beasts" and make them more likable. At the expense of the Rakdos, of course. I look forward to more Uncharted Realms by you, Mr. Lee. You definitely started with a bang.


192884403 wrote:
surely one can't say complex conditional passive language is bad grammar ?
Great start! I like that Lee reestablished the old Gruul passion for revenge that was missing from the Planeswalker's Guide. I also like how we got some individual characters instead of a snarling rabble, and we saw the development of the main character.

"Krokt!" A warrior named Janik hissed at Kal. "I almost skewered you. What are you doing here?" Janik grabbed him like a vise. "Nikya will put you on a skewer, boy. You have broken—"

This sentence repeats an oddly specific word; a different one should have been used instead.
Really good story. I love the way the Ravnican narrative is starting to come together through these shared characters and events. And this really does a great job of giving the Gruul some much-needed depth. Nice work.
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The first true Uncharted Realms sequel, and it did not disappoint. Hopefully these chronicles will continue to weave in and out of the stories we already know, like a series.
Great read! That was a nice sentence to start a story.
I am looking forward to next time.

Let's hope Mr. Lee's head doesn't explode until then. (That job sounds dangerous.)
I tried to send this via email feedback but I got an error message that said "unknown author". I guess they haven't fully set him up on the back-end of the site yet? Anyway, I hope this reaches him eventually:


Hi Adam,

I saw that you're now in charge of the flavor article on the main page. Congratulations and welcome! I wish you much success.

I also wanted to say that I was excited to see this line in your introduction: "Every now and then I also plan on pulling back the curtain on what goes on in the worldbuilding process here and how we come up with some of the stuff that eventually becomes part of the Magic story."

This has always been my favorite aspect of the Wednesday flavor article. I can get Magic fiction from anywhere, but there's only one source for a behind-the-scenes look. Stuff like concept art and worldbuilding flowcharts is really, really interesting, and I hope we'll get to see more of this kind of stuff in the future. Even things that didn't make it into the final design can be good--sometimes it's just as exciting to see what got left behind on the cutting room floor.

Good luck and have a happy new year!

I agree with others, that this allows the Gruul to be painted in a light rather easier to swallow than the base "smash-things" guild, earning them some respect. I like the bits of information this drops as to some of the inter-guild relations, such as the Selesnyan healers, and of course the largely unchecked madness of Rakdos. 

Also, Izzet construction work. Heh.
Came for the flavor, stayed for the game. (10/4/2013: Discovered that I suppose I most closely resemble a Vorthos player, right after my odd obsession with making hyper-budget but effective decks and right before being a Johnny)
Yay for depth to Gruul. They're still going to be my least-favourite of the Gatecrash guilds, but this article definitely helped flesh out their motivations and society a bit. An excellent and auspicious start for Adam Lee.
Adam is a worthy successor. the story was flipping AMAZING and the card is very cool and probably compettitve.

And this portrays the gruul very well. i like how it was clear the gruul had laws. When nikya is addressing the camp, she doesn't say "we dont like the rakdos" she says "they killed people in our territory who we allowed to stay there. we now have the right to claim a crime and punish them" but probably most importantly, this showed gruul progress. They were advancing. ponder that
This story made me happy!  I don't like it that it follows a particular story that I abhore(the referenced selesnya massacre) but this was a good read.  For a while the stories that have been posted have all been the same, about death, destruction and or corruption.  It got so bad in its repetitveness that I'd read the first paragraph or two to establish the characters, then read the last to find out who died(I guessed right a lot) and have no interest in reading the journey because the ending, for me, is not worth the jounrey when it's like that.  I know that to have conflict, bad things have to happen and since magic is combat and war, death is gonna happen, but it doesn't have to be the focus of EVERY story they put out.  This one is a delightful departure from that same old rhetoric.  And I really like how they make the gruul still vengeful and tribal but not mindless savages.  They actually may have purpose and character in the plot this time around.  I look forward to more!
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