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Creatures with Haste are Goblin Dwarf.
"Far from the most magestic of creatures, they make up for it with synergetic advantages."

Honor Glory and Destiny

Creatures with First Strike are Human Knight Warrior.
"The crew distracted each other from there noble quest with the high levels of background magic, the way even species seemed fluid in this place."


Creatures with Islandwalk are Merfolk.
"Those that are willing, if the wizards can help them adapt to our environment, sign them up."


Creatures with undying are Zombie.
"Situational in time perhaps, but this is our edge, tonight we feast."

Sliveral Spell

Creatures with 3 or more abilities are Sliver.
"I have come to accept the silver as in many respects a superior species. Terrified as I am, I will become one and hope others will follow."

Magic the Equality

If you control 4 or more creatures with a mana cost of 1 or greater and without abilities, all creatures have no creature types and abilities of creatures may not be used.
Creatures opponents control have +1/+1.
"All to be equal, no weakness or pain. Nothing without change but no greatness all the same, even for myself, this shall be done, selflessly I strive, so we can be as one."
Okay. I'll comment. These seem more like Enchantments, don't they? How is an old item or monument going to make Akroma into a Goblin Dwarf? An enchantment, however - now that seems genuinely flavourful, and perhaps a tiddle entertaining as well.

Also, I don't like that the Black one uses Undying. It remains flavourful, but Undying is a block mechanic. Everything else you have is Evergreen. The White one is too expensive. The Blue one might be useful. Merfolk are strong.

The last one is really weird. I guess it could be black.

What do you have against naming your cards? Flavour text? These additions can add several dimensions to your cards.

Anyway. I like the simplicity of these. I could see them being in a very odd tribal block. Like if you have a Dwarf Lord and a Goblin Lord and a bunch of effective creatures with haste, but actually no real goblins or dwarves? That would be cool, in my opinion. Also, Goblin Dwarf is a gross combination. Ew.

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That is a lovely painting of Richard Garfield. It really brings out his feminine side.
How is it now?
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